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Holly and Rick’s $1000 Minute is back! The most exciting 60 seconds on the radio!

Weekday mornings between 8am and 9am, listen to Holly and Rick to give the cue to call. Caller 7 will get a chance to answer ten trivia questions. If you get all ten correct in sixty seconds, you’ll win $1000 cash! Even if you don’t get all ten, at least five correct answers will win you 50 bucks! It’s another fun way for Mainers to win BIG CASH on Maine’s #1 for Classic Hits, 106-9 Frank FM!


The rules: You get sixty seconds once the first question has been asked, not a second more. No one in the background can help. No cheating by looking things up! And if you’re not sure of the answer, you can pass and Holly and Rick will come back to that question if there’s time left on the clock! Good luck, Frank Nation!


Check out these wicked smart Mainers that won themselves some cash from the Bank of Frank during the $1,000 Minute: 
Josh Decker of Bowdoin, ME won $50